A logical approach to health. The bones of the spine are known as vertebra. These bones surround the single most important system in our bodies. The nervous system controls and coordinates the functions of all glands muscles and organs. The brain is the master control center in this process. Signals are sent to and from the brain by the way of nerves. These messages travel from the brain down the spinal cord. The nerves exiting the spine travel through an opening in the spine formed by two vertebrae. These bones can slide out of alignment due to a variety of causes. Misaligned bones put pressure on the nerves passing between them. This event is known as a subluxation. During this time the nerve is not able to function properly. This causes an interference in the communication between the brain and the body. A subluxation will not always cause pain so many people are not aware there is an issue. The chiropractor will make a gentle and specific force to the misaligned segment to allow the body to better heal itself and function without interference. A chiropractor is the only doctor trained to locate, analyze and correct vertebral subluxations.