Is chiropractic safe?

Yes chiropractic is very safe. This is a non-invasive approach to health that works by removing nerve interference. In doing so the body brings harmony and ease to the system. You are always better off without pressure on your nerves.

Is Chiropractic safe for kids?

Chiropractic has a wide range of associated benefits beyond pain relief. Some of which are specific to children There are many success stories regarding children with colic, ear infections, failure to latch during breast feeding. However, whether a child is presenting with symptoms it’s still of paramount importance to have their spine checked by a chiropractor. Many peoples first ‘trauma’ to their spine, is the process of being born. At this time a tremendous amount of force is being applied to the newborns body. Both from a pushing mother and in many cases a pulling doctor. Most people assume that a child is adjusted in the same manner as an adult would be. This is not the case. The force needed to adjust an infant’s spine is the pressure needed to determine if a tomato is ripe.

I can adjust myself, so why do I need a chiropractor?

A person cannot adjust themselves. Only a chiropractor can analyze a spine for vertebral subluxations and then apply the correct force at the correct angle to adjust the specific segment. After three and a half years of chiropractic school a chiropractor is still not able to adjust themselves.

Once you go to a chiropractor you HAVE to keep going for the rest of your life

This is a common perception of chiropractic for many reasons. Primarily, once you understand the concept of chiropractic. That it is about correcting misalignments known as subluxations in your spine to allow for a better expression of your nervous system. There is a lot of logic to continue to see chiropractor so that they may analyze your spine for these areas and deliver an adjustment when needed.  Regular chiropractic spinal checks are important to maintain good spinal integrity. Many people are only interested in getting out of pain. Which is understandable, and chiropractic can help with that in many circumstances. However, there are larger benefits to be had by continued chiropractic care.

I feel fine why do I need to go to a chiropractor?

Chiropractic is less about how you feel and more about how you function. Specifically, how your nervous system is functioning. Your nervous system controls everything in your body. Nerves do so much more than just transmit pain. Pain transmission is only about 10% of the nervous system’s functions. This means that if you have a misalignment it may be causing issues that do not create immediate pain. However, they are still causing devastating damage. Only a chiropractor can analyze a spine and determine if the bones are out of alignment, causing nerve interference and in need of an adjustment.

Does every adjustment make a noise?

No every adjustment may not make a noise. That does not mean that the adjustment was ineffective or that the doctor didn’t make the adjustment. It simply means that the bone was able to move silently into the correct place.