A technique focusing on the structural foundation of the vertebra and its relation to the intervertebral disc. Adjustments with the Gonstead technique are designed for maximum affect to the discs between the vertebra. This can be extremely beneficial for people with disc issues while also working to restore normal alignment and motion in the spine.


A technique that incorporates gravity and a person’s own body weight to assist in the adjustment. This is achieved with a special table with a drop mechanism to allow gravity to assist in the adjustment. This technique also has a system of analyzing the spine based on leg length discrepancies from side to side. All in all, this is a very comfortable way of being adjusted with great results.


A broad term used to describe many movements that are high velocity and low amplitude (HVLA) adjustments. This is an effective approach to adjusting the spine that doesn’t fit under the category of other techniques; which often have an accompanying system of analysis.


This technique has specific pelvic adjustments for pregnant women to help balance pelvic muscles and ligaments and potentially improve birth outcome. A fantastic technique to be used throughout pregnancy. Many women under chiropractic care report shorter and less painful labor time.



Chiropractic Leadership Alliance-NeuroThermal Technology

Our office uses an incredible technology. A tool called Thermography. This is a cutting-edge ability to analyze the spine. The instrument looks at minute heat differences in the spine. These areas can be indicative of a subluxation at that level. Ideally your spine should have equal temperatures on each side of the vertebra. This one of the few technologies available to be able to analyze the spine in such a way. This device detects areas of poor vasoconstriction and vasodilation control, showing altered autonomic control. This is used to educate our patients about the deepening effects of spinal subluxation. The Scan graphically pinpoints where painless stress is affecting a persons health.