New to the Practice

Welcome to Hunter Family Chiropractic. We want you to help you live your best life while functioning optimally. There is a term that will be important to understand as we move forward. Innate Intelligence. This term is used to describe your body’s inborn properties of vitality. Encompassing everything from how food is digested and utilized to the healing of an injury. Your body is an incredibly complex and self-regulating machine.

The brain is the master control center of the body is constantly sending and receiving signals, coordinating every action in every system. The brain sends these signals down the spinal cord. Nerves then exit the spinal column and take the message to which ever, gland, organ, muscle or cell the message was meant for. There can be interference to these messages caused by misalignments in the bones of the spine. This is the “big idea” of chiropractic. Interference to nerve signals caused by a misalignment in the spinal column is known as a subluxation. As you can imagine the brain only sends and receives important, vital messages. Any interference in this process causes disruption in the body’s natural harmony. The longer these misalignments are present the more damage they can cause. Although a person may feel fine they likely still have subluxations. This is due to of the miles of nerves in our body only 10% of them are for pain transmission. A chiropractor is the only doctor that is trained to locate analyze and correct vertebral subluxations